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Posted: 04 Jun 2016 10:43 AM PDT

Updation- Why and When?:

       SAMPOORNA  is the database for other sites related to school  such as 6th working day strength, UID, Textbook Management, Uniform Indent,  Kalolsavam, Sasthrolsavam, Sports and Games   etc... So, it should be updated   time to time.
       Here gives short notes on SAMPOORNA. Refer it when having issues. 
       Send all the issues only to the mail ID:

       Even then needs help, contact the concerned persons of ITSchool Project:

Sub District Name Mob No
Manjeswar Vijayan V K 9745 25 00 22
Kumbla Rajesh M P 9447 35 26 55
Kasaragod Sankaran K 9447 47 46 76
Bekal Sankaran K 9447 47 46 76
Hosdurg Vijayan V K 9745 25 00 22
Chittarkkal Rajan P 85 474 58 474
Cheruvathur Rajan P 85 474 58 474

Office Phone: 04994 225931

How to Update School Details:

     Click School name and then click 'Edit School Detail'. Editing mode appears. Give the details, such as the name of HM, phone number etc..  and then click the 'Update School Detail' button at the bottom of the page

How to import Class and Divisions:

      Click 'Class and Divisions' and Select a class, then click 'Import Divisions'. Give 'Start Date'  and 'End Date' and Submit. New Divisions created

            If the class has no previous divisions, it can be created clicking the button 'New Division' or clicking 'CreateNew'

           If the name of the division given wrongly, use the 'Edit'  button and correct it. Division name only required in the field. (Dont give other details such as year or details of the div.)
See the corrected  form

How to promote Students:

     Click 'Class and Divisions' and 'Student Transfers'.
         Then select'reason, Class and Div. Name of student appears.

        Select Destination class and Div. 'Submit'.    Students are transferred to that class/Div.

How to admit a new student ( Without having a TC )

Click 'Admission'. Then 'School Admission' . Fill the details and 'Admit Student'. Class 1 students are admitted in this manner.

Admit with a TC

           Then type the TC Number correctly as shown in the  TC and 'Submit'

            Details of the student appears. Give the new admission number  to the student
            Select class and division.

         Then click 'Admit Student'

How to issue TC

         Make sure that all the details of the student are as per the admission register of the school. Confirm it. Then click issue TC.
   Destination school can be selected from Database, if the TC to a state school. 

          But, in the case of CBSE/ICSE/Navodaya Vidyalaya etc.. select 'other' and type the name of the school in the space provided.
Take 2 copies of the TC. ( 1 Office copy and 1 to the student)

  Most of the mails we receive from schools don't have details such as the school code, Name of sub district, full name of the school, name/contact number of the HM/sender, Details of the students concerned. This makes the response slow/no action. So give all the details in the mail.

Why and how  to add school code to your mail? 

 From this signature, the school can be identified easily.

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