Govt Higher Secondary School Mangalpady

Govt Higher Secondary School Mangalpady

Raspberry pi

Posted: 06 May 2015 05:07 AM PDT

      A Five days Raspberry Pi Training Programme for students of different schools of Kasaragod Dist. is going GHSS Mangalpady...which enables the participants to use the credit card size computer awarded to them by the Honourable Education minister for the selected students from each school through Aptitude Test and also enable the participant to do the python programming.

                    Raspberry Pi 

  The tiny and super cool mini PC

The raspberry pi is an extremely sleek and tiny computer board. It is about the size of a normal credit card, and runs on a linux based operating system called the raspbian. This board can be thought of as a miniaturized version of the motherboard in your CPU. It might not offer the same powerful processing capabilities as a normal PC, but it gets the job done.
The raspberry pi can be manipulated to turn ON/OFF relays, LEDs, motors, etc using its GPIO pins and by using python programming (one of the easiest programming languages). Just like how you need to hook up your CPU to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and LAN. The raspberry pi also offers USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse, an HDMI (High efinition Multimedia Interface) port to connect a monitor/TV and an ethernet port to hook your LAN cable, to gain internet access. And the raspberry pi is powered using a micro USB port on it (5v, 1A), you can use your normal smartphone charger to connect and power it.